Catholic Faith Class

6th grade has a sedar meal to learn more about the Last Supper and the Mass


8th grade answers the question, "What is love?" (pretty impressive answers...)

8th grade shows off their depictions of what makes a woman a woman and a man a man...

The human being: body (balloon) & soul (breath)

we're never too big to have fun.... :)



K4J Mission of the Month

7th grade works on Holy Land project



Guest speaker, Mike Cousineau, shares his faith journey with 8th grade


Working on projects in Catholic Faith Class

6th grade reviews names of sacred vessels

We Celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name with a game of "4 on a couch"

Choir rehearses for Festival of Choirs on Friday at St. Joseph & St. Patrick's Parish

Christmas Program


8th grade women enjoy some down time while the men meet with St. Lawrence Seminary...

Sixth grade works on projects for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Saint Nicholas brought chocolate coins for all Holy Name students & staff 

Bishop Doerfler visits Holy Name Catholic School

"See the See," Saturday, October 29th 






Responsibility Roundup-K4J Assembly hosted by 7th grade



8th graders rock the K4J Assembly! Zipperfish mission for September...

2015-2016 School Year

Taking a break and having some fun in Catholic Faith Class

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima..6th grade praying with Sr. Marivic

7th grade teaches a section on the Mass



6th grade does a fantastic job at K4J surprises

Sin separates us from God...Jesus is the bridge back to Him

Sedar meal for the 6th grade 

7th grade gives it their all at the Jump 4 Jesus assembly

Sister Marivic visits middle school in the chapel to talk about Lent

7th grade is memorizing the Divine Praises...not an easy task but they can do it!



6th grade: Humans are made of a body (balloon) and soul (breath)



8th graders are happy to work on feast of the Holy Name projects:

7th graders like working in groups and teaching a section in the chapter!

6th graders are busy...making Holy Name of Jesus projects, taking a walking quiz on the names of Sacred vessels and playing a Liturgical Color board game...

6th graders- Working on a Christmas project

6th grade K4J Surprises- Spread the Good News!
This class is so energetic & positive & fun! The elementary wing loves having them come for K4J Surprises.

8th graders- Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Marian Felt plays

St. Nicholas visited the middle-school

Making paper-bag saints, praying in the chapel...middle-schoolers are busy growing in their faith...

6th graders rock at K4J surprises! 

7th graders-making paper-bag Saints

8th grade- 

Birthday girl

K4J- 7th graders were awesome!

Forgive & Forget Mission for October

10/1/15  Sr. Marivic visited the 6th grade class after mass today.  She shared her vocation story, answered questions, and took a picture with the class.  We can't wait for her to come back and visit!

6th grade surprises younger students for K4J!!!

Lots of energy- they were awesome!

Sister Marivic visited today- Thursday, September 24th

"See you at the pole"- Wednesday, September 23rd

6th grade young men learning to tie their Holy Name tie!

Joey is a quick learner!

Our fearless leader- teaching the young men!

Stephen is getting it!

Here's some pictures of the 8th grade girls' scavenger hunt in late August.

Welcome to the Catholic Faith class blog page! I am excited to be back in the swing of things with the Holy Name Crusaders!